The easiest thing would be a formal invitation(from the Committee, soz
Brianna) to Brian Pink of ABS giving them opportunity to talk to and discuss
the change with a group of the end users of open source material.

2008/12/6 Confusing Manifestation <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Well, I certainly don't expect to "represent" the ABS, but there is an
> office in St Andrews Square, so there's a reasonable chance someone
> from there could get to a Wiki Wednesday. The shift to CC was
> announced internally, but I had to restrain myself from spreading the
> good news until I knew it had appeared on the site. I really wish I
> knew who had been responsible for the decision, but I do know that the
> Australian Statistician, Brian Pink, is very much pro-wiki (per, for
> example,
> ).
> CM
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