don't be sad, Liam :-) - it's not all doom 'n gloom!

I think Wikipedia has great utility within the education system - and I
think we can get out there and wave the flag for it. Parents and teaches
will be well aware of the availability of explicit imagery of all types all
over the internet, and how they manage children's access to it is of course
their concern, and responsibility.

Right now, my feeling is that there's just a bit of a missing layer of
controls / policies / practice in how Wikimedia handles some material -
which means on balance I couldn't in good faith recommend to a School
Librarian that they allow full access to the projects from their
computers... or to put it another way - if we visit a school advocating high
levels of active engagement in the project, we should understand that the
Principle might be upset, or get complaints from upset parents that things

come under our 'banner' - not safe for work, nothing hugely offensive, but
available through Wikimedia pages, and likely to be the sort of thing
schools would like to avoid?

Ultimately, the decision rests with the communities of the projects (and the
legal counsel at the WMF of course) as to how content is managed, and with
the schools and individual institutions as to how they manage / recommend
access etc. all I'm really saying is we need to be open, and a bit
understanding that Wikimedia contains reasonably large quantities of
pictures generally considered unsuitable for minors.



2008/12/9 Liam Wyatt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>> My answer right now to the question 'should wikipedia be available in
>> schools' is 'no' - I'd be interested to hear yours.
>> Peter
>> PM.
> I find this profoundly saddening. Today is filled with bad news from all
> directions - all the worse for those directions being from places where you
> didn't think bad news would come from. If someone such as yourself, who is
> intimately aware of the promise and possibilities of Wiki*edia (as well as
> its pitfalls), does not believe that it - an educational project - should be
> used in our educational facilities then why do we even bother?
> - Liam
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