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> Right now, my feeling is that there's just a bit of a missing layer of
> controls / policies / practice in how Wikimedia handles some material
> - which means on balance I couldn't in good faith recommend to a
> School Librarian that they allow full access to the projects from
> their computers... or to put it another way - if we visit a school
> advocating high levels of active engagement in the project, we should
> understand that the Principle might be upset, or get complaints from
> upset parents that things like;
> http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Erotic
> come under our 'banner' - not safe for work, nothing hugely
> offensive, but available through Wikimedia pages, and likely to be
> the sort of thing schools would like to avoid?

I never knew that category existed - then again, I never thought too
Thats posted in the commons - does that mean those images are part of
Wikipedia, or "just" sister projects?


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