Think you missed the point of what I proposed, there would be an extreme
minority of schools without any net access. IMHO it would be reasonable to
presume that if a school doesnt have net access for their students then its
unlikely that the teachers are going to use Wikipedia with the class
enviroment, the teachers probably wont even use WP a major resource either.

As for the other points I rasised I know we do these things already, what
I'm saying is rather then create a CD/DVD with articles we select on it, we
create one which empowers the teachers to create there own focused on what
they want.  We need to remember that many teachers arent Wiki literate nor
should we expect them to understand how the community works.

The idea is that we create a guide for them on how to use Wikimedia
resources both on and off line. That includes showing them how to identify
articles and how relaible the information is, how to track the actions of
their students and where to seek help when they need it.

2008/12/11 Liam Wyatt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> None of these things require a stable version online or offline. They
> are things that we already do with regards to Wikipedia proper.
> >
> > We show them how to identify article quality and what the class
> > rating indicates, including what deficiencies are.
> We should be doing this already with "normal" WP
> > How to read article historys to identify the version that they are
> > using
> Ditto
> > Cover copyright issues both for articles, and images what the
> > requirements are for a class room disc.
> Copyright is already ok. There is no problems for this - even for
> Fair Use because classroom use is perfectly acceptable.
> > High light the sourcing//verifiability of articles.
> We should already be doing this with "normal" WP
> >
> > Also cover editing basics, norms for user interaction, where to get
> > what type of help when online
> Ditto
> -Liam
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