Thanks Craig
I can see some real potential here as a 'bridge' for schools coming to terms
with concepts such as Wikipedia, and also for those with access issues
(filters, bandwidth and costs). 
How long do you envisage such a project would take? How much work do you
think is involved?
It may be possible to organise some assistance with this, but I don't have
any concept of what process would be followed to develop this project.
Could you give some 'how to' information as background?
Many thanks, Pru
Pru Mitchell 
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Okay, there seems to be a bit of interest here, so I've boldly created a
subpage for planning:
At the moment it's really just my thoughts on the subject, but as the advice
on the edit page says; feel free to edit it mercilessly.
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I'd be up for that, cant let it have solely an Eastern States POV :)

2008/12/11 K. Peachey <>

> Anyone for a mini-project then? =).  The existing SOS selection looks like
> it'll be a good base, but adding more "Australian" themed articles to it
> would probably be a nice attention grabber when we go talking to schools.
> Cheers,
> Craig

I would be! maybe a task-force for WikiProject Australia?
And we would have to decide what "Australian" contents gets in, eg:
iconic/well known tv shows/what history content gets in.

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