MessageWell, I just went through all the Australian Prime Minister articles to 
see what state they were in - I expect that we'd ideally want to include all of 
these if possible.  It took me about half an hour to do, although some of that 
was spent messing with templates and the like.  The results are here:

In addition to seeing what we ideally should include, it also gives a good idea 
on how good our coverage on this topic is (my verdict: good, but could be 

How do I envision this being delivered?  Hopefully we can stick it on some 
hosting somewhere, put it under the WMAU domain name, and give teachers that 
address (hopefully getting it whitelisted by the various state education 
departments).  We then put prominently on the main page "There are 2.5 million 
more articles at";.

With that said, it's a fair chunk of work, although a good percentage of the 
legwork has been done by the team that put together the existing Schools 
Selection; it's an excellent base to build upon and they have really done a 
fantastic job.  To use an encyclopædia analogy, I see this project as an 
offering extra volume or two to a general encyclopædia for specifically 
Australian subjects.

So what has to be done?  Ideally, we find out what teachers and educators want, 
and include that content.  If any of those topics are poorly covered or not 
covered at all, we collaborate to improve that content (this is a benefit that 
flows back into the main WP project, as well).  Once we have our selection, we 
pick "good" revisions that do not have any vandalism, are properly cited, etc.  
We make a copy of them somewhere (a private Wiki, perhaps), and remove anything 
WP-specific that doesn't make sense on a partial snapshot copy, such as 
disambig headers.  We also remove any unfree media that might be in the 
article.  We add in a link at the bottom of each page to the "live" version of 
the article on the main WP site.  We do any copyediting that has to be done.

Now, doing all this will be a pretty big job, but I'm sure its nothing we can't 
handle.  The big challenge at this point is talking to educators and finding 
out what they want.

In any case, I'm open to ideas, as I'm sure there are things I've not 
considered yet.  I don't have any special claims of ownership over this little 
mini-project, so if ýou're interested, please go and edit the page and jot down 
your own thoughts!


Craig Franklin
PO Box 1093
Toombul, Q, 4012
Australia - Australia's Favourite Source of Indie Music, Art, and 

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  Thanks Craig
  I can see some real potential here as a 'bridge' for schools coming to terms 
with concepts such as Wikipedia, and also for those with access issues 
(filters, bandwidth and costs). 
  How long do you envisage such a project would take? How much work do you 
think is involved?
  It may be possible to organise some assistance with this, but I don't have 
any concept of what process would be followed to develop this project.
  Could you give some 'how to' information as background?

  Many thanks, Pru
  Pru Mitchell 
  ph: 0433 551 204 

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    Okay, there seems to be a bit of interest here, so I've boldly created a 
subpage for planning:

    At the moment it's really just my thoughts on the subject, but as the 
advice on the edit page says; feel free to edit it mercilessly.


    Craig Franklin
    PO Box 1093
    Toombul, Q, 4012
    Australia - Australia's Favourite Source of Indie Music, Art, 
and Culture.

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      I'd be up for that, cant let it have solely an Eastern States POV :)

      2008/12/11 K. Peachey <>

        > Anyone for a mini-project then? =).  The existing SOS selection looks 
        > it'll be a good base, but adding more "Australian" themed articles to 
        > would probably be a nice attention grabber when we go talking to 
        > Cheers,
        > Craig

        I would be! maybe a task-force for WikiProject Australia?
        And we would have to decide what "Australian" contents gets in, eg:
        iconic/well known tv shows/what history content gets in.

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