> So here is the summary:
> <http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/2009_member_goals_survey>

Cool, so sounds like 3 main areas, in rough order of priority (for the headings 
only, not necessarily within the headings):

== Public Relations / Communication with the general public ==
* "Concentrate on cultivating positive and broad press, and develop more 
promotional material (press kits) for the Wikimedia projects" (top priority)
* "Run Wikipedia Academy events for the general public"
* "Host a WikiConf in Canberra in late 2009"

== Education + Schools ==
* "Run events (e.g. talks) for educators"
* "Create a 'Wikimedia for Australian schools' selection"
* "Create classroom kit for teaching Wikipedia on the NSW HSC syllabus"

== Meetups ==
* "Host regular meetups in as many cities as possible, and online events such 
as editing competitions for members and IRC meetings"
* "Host a WikiConf in Canberra in late 2009"  (listed twice as I'm presuming 
this is half meetup / half for the public, so kind of comes under both 

Personal comment .... would it be worth trying to combine some of these:
E.g. a if there was a conf in Canberra, could it potentially be combined
with an academy + talks for educators + meetup + press release about the
event with various newspapers/media invited? That would tick a lot of
boxes in terms of outcomes that people want (although also be a lot of

-- All the best,

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