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There was a spike of activity in some of the 'A' importance items
immediately after the tour but everything seems to have stalled
again.  Has the PhM come through with any of the material (photos
and lists) that we were interested in?
-- Peter Jeremy
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Heya Peter,
yes - there is lots of activity happening behind the scenes from their end. I got an email from Matthew Connell just the other day updating me. Here are a couple of things he said:

"Seb today asked me to let you know he has submitted a paper to our Executive seeking copyright status changes to aspects of our collection records. Its been circulated and discussed quite a bit but its on its way."

"It was great to meet you guys and to see you do your stuff. Seb Paula and I reported at our big team meeting on the Monday morning. Unfortunately we've been head down in Stratgic planning and budgeting ever since."

So, they're working on it but it is not surprising for the first time that the museum releases the exclusive commercial right to their text/ photos it's going to be a difficult task. By working on these specific examples and integrating them well it will hopefully make things faster, easier in future cases - both with the Powerhouse and other institutions in Australia and abroad. From off the top of my head, this is the first time that a museum or gallery anywhere in the world has released their *in-copyright* intellectual property for Wikimedians to use - so it is a big step to take and would become a benchmark for the rest of the museum sector.

I did forward to our friends at the PHM the pageview stats for our new article about their Boulton and Watt steam engine: http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boulton_and_Watt_steam_engine_% 28Powerhouse_Museum%29

it received 1.7thousand views in its period on the "did you know" section of the Wikpedia main page. They know that now, and now so does their upper management, so that should help. Stats do wonders!

I am particularly keen to be able to report some outcomes from the "Backstage Pass" at the upcoming Berlin Chapters meeting in a fortnight, so I too am hoping to get access to the text and photos we requested before that time. The Germans will be able to talk about their work getting their national archives to donate thousands of images to Commons, and the New Yorkers will be talking about the "Loves Art" event and we want to be able to show off too! ;-)

Finally, there is the upcoming Wikimeetup that PrivateMusings suggested today - hopefully on Friday the 17th of April. It is probable that Brianna will be there coming up from Melb. so hopefully someone from PHM might be able to come along and share a pint with us too!

Hope everyone is well,


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