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All of those people have now been personally invited and some have actually

already registered.

Hmm... hadn't thought about the Aarnet thing. Will look into it. They do

have some facilities for video-streaming the event already set up, but it's

a matter of the facilities costs/time/staff/benefit. I'll check. We will be

filming the presentations and placing them on the website soon after the

event (at the very least).

Peace, love & metadata

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Liam, I'm hoping you'll be looking at this in the broader (global)
perspective with GLAM being the icebreaker. 

Aarnet is the NREN in OZ with one in other countries. 

Try guido or jason(on their staff register on their site). I've already
suggested a link up from BA to Oz for wikimania.

Closer to you is 

which if you drill into will take you to intersect and a few local unis.
They'll trust you.


If you're filming then all they need to provide is an input/output to the
network (and maybe you'll provide an email, twitter or forum to handle
feedback). If you wanted to open this up, then you could talk to arno van
der kraan at
about sending a few students to look after the AV into aarnet (and provide
the equipment). I've introduced arno and guido, re: BA.

BTW. sae's version of arcs-type tools look like this.[project_handle]=livetool-projec
roject&blg%5bid%5d=2418&blg%5bproc%5d=show> &blg[id]=2418&blg[proc]=show


The "sell" is that we are all moving from one (media/education) model to
another and the only way we'll progress is by "doing it".

This is the same story for both WE(ducator) and WMF's




Sarah, Great news about Roxanne (and nice to see the girls are arm

If you want to plant a seed in the librarian community you might ask the

Why shouldn't the library catalog be an encyclopaedia?




Hopefully Wayne will come (and talk about his doc above).

Anne Hurley from may be interested.(although not a

And John Butterworth from the AIMIA (interactive media industry
association)could use the education.

Lastly marktf from should be interested.


I'll beat the bushes in the mass media space (my bro is at the financial
review). But I have to leave these kinds of contacts to you, cause I'm far
to ancient to be considered "cool"(or is that "bad").

All the best, simon

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