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> This is rather important + serious stuff which relates to the 'GLAM' sector
> - hopefully we'll be leading the way in ensuring good communication may help
> resolve problems like this;
> (basically a Commons user has received a legal letter relating to uploads of
> photographs of gallery items)
> http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Dcoetzee/NPG_legal_threat,

It doesn't help that the NPG's actions (a UK org threatening a US
citizen with legal action over actions that are unambiguously not a
copyright violation of any sort in US law) are, how do I put this,

I made a quick summary blog post:

Note that another notable UK museum, the V&A, took the opposite tack:
open their collections, spread their name and pictures of their
exhibits, reap the publicity. (The V&A is fantastic, and no photo can
substitute for seeing the stuff in real life.)

So the thing is really: how to convince museums and galleries to open
up, use us for free publicity and spreading their good name ... and
not act batshit insane like the NPG appears to be.

- d.

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