G'day all,
over on the wikimedia au mailing list, we've been having a discussion about
whether or not our 'official wiki' should be able to be edited by more than
just the current financial members (I think we've got around 30 - 50 members
at the mo) ( see
the thread, and it sort of gets just a little bit heated....)
I thought I'd flick this list a note because the tensions between the
foundation's aims and this more pragmatic decision have been discussed. What
I'd like to ask this list's members is whether or not you agree that open
editing is a good thing, and as many pages as possible on a chapter's wiki
should be open to as many folk as possible?
Obviously there are important factors to keep in mind in making these
decisions, but I feel it would be useful for others not quite so connected
to 'WMAU', but with a close connection to WMF in general, if they have a
moment, to review our thread, and offer feedback and ideas as to whether
we're doing it right, or (as I feel) we really should open up the wiki a bit
more :-)
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