I think the post at
quite well the sort of challenges that chapter websites face
which, for example, Wikipedia does not. The fact of legal registration makes
anarchy (even structured anarchy) an undesirable option and would mean we
are not acting in the best interests of our members who have bothered to
commit to and support the chapter's aims financially and expect the chapter
to act responsibly.

There is no conflict between the Foundation's aims and our approach; there
is, however, a conflict between what I might call "Wikiphilosophy" and the
requirements of running a chapter. Imagine the chapter accounts being
determined by consensus! Applying one model to a situation other than for
what it was intended is usually a recipe for disaster.

I would also note based on the discussions and on earlier committee
deliberations that there's no serious likelihood of the Australian chapter
changing its current policy on this at this time. It's worth highlighting
that one does not need to be a member to contribute to wikimediaau-l,
collaborate in person or virtually on projects or attend city-based meetups
(other than the AGM).


2009/12/12 private musings <thepmacco...@gmail.com>

> G'day all,
> over on the wikimedia au mailing list, we've been having a discussion about
> whether or not our 'official wiki' should be able to be edited by more than
> just the current financial members (I think we've got around 30 - 50 members
> at the mo) ( see
> http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimediaau-l/2009-December/002745.htmlfor
>  the thread, and it sort of gets just a little bit heated....)
> I thought I'd flick this list a note because the tensions between the
> foundation's aims and this more pragmatic decision have been discussed. What
> I'd like to ask this list's members is whether or not you agree that open
> editing is a good thing, and as many pages as possible on a chapter's wiki
> should be open to as many folk as possible?
> Obviously there are important factors to keep in mind in making these
> decisions, but I feel it would be useful for others not quite so connected
> to 'WMAU', but with a close connection to WMF in general, if they have a
> moment, to review our thread, and offer feedback and ideas as to whether
> we're doing it right, or (as I feel) we really should open up the wiki a bit
> more :-)
> best,
> Peter,
> PM.
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