Thanks for your message which has now got to us.

think you should also have received an email from our secretary Sarah in
 regards to the AGM - particularly with regards our move to a postal 
vote this year.
Please contact me directly - or write to this list again if you need further 
answers on this matter.

 regards to nominations - we will be seeking them very soon - but of 
course those nominations (and the right to vote) will apply to financial
 members only.
My advice to you on this is that you send your payment
 to Sarah in the next day or two so you can take part in the process - 
particularly because renewal of memberships occurred on July 1st.

 going to leave your final point with regards opening the wiki - we've 
had that discussion many times as a committee and to date we have not 
reached a consensus or vote in favour of doing so.  However as for any 
matter a new committee may come to a different conclusion.


> Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 13:46:14 +1000
> From:
> To:
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> Subject: [wma-comm] Follow up my update request :-)
> Hi all,
> I tried to get in touch with you a while ago, but it occurs to me that
> perhaps my attempted forward of the below didn't really work, because
> I forwarded a reply, not an actual message - if my post seemed
> confusing, please accept my apologies.
> I'm growing increasingly concerned with the way the AGM is being
> prepared, and though there may be nothing to worry about, I would
> greatly appreciate a response to my questions below, to which I'd only
> add a polite inquiry as to why and how the decision was taken to move
> to a postal vote this year (
> ) - seems a little odd to me, strange that it shouldn't have been
> announced perhaps a little wider, and fwiw, I haven't received any
> post of any kind from WMAU to date - should I have?
> * Membership Renewals - I may well have missed something, but did a
> formal renewal notice go out? How are renewals looking this year? (I
> know I haven't stumped up yet!) - as a member I feel a little
> under-engaged to be honest, and would like to see a wee bit more
> proactivity from whomever is taking care of this stuff (knowing who's
> accepted what responsibility would be great, for example - and
> apologies if I've missed the obvious!)
> * Committee Nominations - could the sec. confirm whether or not there
> have been any properly submitted nominations to date - the AGM is
> around the corner, and I think the process of discussion / Q + A etc.
> is probably healthy to kick off at this point?
> * An Open Wiki - please please please open up the WMAU wiki to allow
> registrations and editing by non members - I'll happily make the case
> for this, but please just do it!
> cheers,
> Peter,
> PM.
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