Hi all,
user:whiteghost.ink and I are currently in Tambo - a very small town
in Central QLD - giving some Wikip/media training to the local
heritage group, librarians, and other interested folks from the
district. This is part of Wikimedia Australia and the State Library of
Queensland's partnership to bring Wikipedia to regional Australia.

We've been talking a lot this morning and explaining policies etc. and
we're going to spend the arvo working on the article about the town
itself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tambo,_Queensland
(We'll also be uploading a bunch of photos of the town and district
later today).

We'd really appreciate it some people could go into the article and
give it a good workover in the next couple of hours - so we can
demonstrate how responsive the community is :-) It's a stub article
now, and we've just added a bit of a structure to it, so it's a bit
lacking in online reliable sources, but I'm sure someone can come up
with some funky templates etc. :-)

In a couple of days we'll be in the equally remote town of Quilpie -
so we'll give you a buzz then (don't go editing it now!)

Oh - and 10 points to user:mattinbgn for being so quick off the mark
to welcome the user account that we've been working with on the big

Wittylama and Whiteghost.ink

Peace, love & metadata

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