Final follow-up from and myself,
Thanks all who helped out during the day (both days actually) so we could
demonstrate changes to the audience. Especial thanks to Mattinbgn,
MarkHurd, Salka, JJ Harrison, and ShiftChange.

The four of us (two librarians, two wikimedians) are now heading back to
Charleville and then flying back to Brisbane tomorrow morning. There'll be
more photos of our own loaded to Commons over the weekend.

And now, back on the road!

-Liam/ Wittylama &
Peace, love & metadata

On 15 March 2012 11:07, Liam Wyatt <> wrote:

> Hi all again,
> Following up on this email from the other day - thank you everyone who
> helped out by editing the article "Tambo, Queensland". The attendees of the
> training session were really stunned by the speed of changes to their
> town's article. Check out the difference!
>  (we've
> got a whole bunch of pics to come to add to Commons too).
> Today, both and I (plus our two colleagues from the State
> Library of Queensland) are in the even more remote town of Quilpie - at
> their local library (google streetview: ). This is
> two hours west of Charleville - almost got run over into by an emu on the
> drive out here yesterday arvo too! I should also add that we're doing our
> bit to counter the gender-gap: every single person in *both* training
> sessions so far have been women.
> As with Tambo, today we're focusing on the article about the town itself
> to describe how WP & Commons works:
>  (we're also looking at the "other varieties" section of the article
> about Opal because "boulder opal" is the town's major industry and there's
> currently no description specifically about that type
> So....
> We'd like to ask your assistance again: Could everyone who has the time
> give a once-over of the article about Quilpie? We'd love to surprise the
> group by showing them how the article has developed over the course of the
> day. We've got it up on screen right now - so... go! :-)
> Sincerely,
> Liam / Wittylama
> Peace, love & metadata
> On 13 March 2012 13:01, Liam Wyatt <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> and I are currently in Tambo - a very small town
>> in Central QLD - giving some Wikip/media training to the local
>> heritage group, librarians, and other interested folks from the
>> district. This is part of Wikimedia Australia and the State Library of
>> Queensland's partnership to bring Wikipedia to regional Australia.
>> We've been talking a lot this morning and explaining policies etc. and
>> we're going to spend the arvo working on the article about the town
>> itself:,_Queensland
>> (We'll also be uploading a bunch of photos of the town and district
>> later today).
>> We'd really appreciate it some people could go into the article and
>> give it a good workover in the next couple of hours - so we can
>> demonstrate how responsive the community is :-) It's a stub article
>> now, and we've just added a bit of a structure to it, so it's a bit
>> lacking in online reliable sources, but I'm sure someone can come up
>> with some funky templates etc. :-)
>> In a couple of days we'll be in the equally remote town of Quilpie -
>> so we'll give you a buzz then (don't go editing it now!)
>> Oh - and 10 points to user:mattinbgn for being so quick off the mark
>> to welcome the user account that we've been working with on the big
>> screen!
>> Cheers,
>> Wittylama and
>> --
>> Peace, love & metadata
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