This afternoon we had a four hour Wikipedia workshop in Jakarta
focusing on disability sports.  Butch Bustria, Vice President of
Wikimedia Philippines, also attended.  Butch is the creator of the
English Wikipedia article "ASEAN ParaGames" back in December
2005.(here is how it looked back then:

We talked a lot ... but some editing was done. ;-)

10 articles created in total.

* 5 bahasa Indonesia
* 2 basa Jawa
* 1 Dutch
* 1 English
* 1 Tagalog
(National Paralympic Week)
(2012 Indonesian bronze medalist)
(Indonesian NPC)
(An Indonesian disability sports administrator)

The last one is confusing.  When will the next ASEAN Para Games will
be held? 2013 or 2014?

John Vandenberg

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