Hi All,

Having finally found the proposal page, I have just posted an evaluation of
the Winter Sports
I hope it is helpful to the committee and the members.


On 9 December 2012 13:52, Thehelpfulone <thehelpfulonew...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Craig,
> Thanks for your prompt response! I've gone ahead and requested an account
> through the interface that you linked to.
> I've had a brief skim read of the background info pages and whilst I
> noticed *"**There are many potential issues with non-member
> participation, most of which have not been investigated thoroughly from a
> legal perspective",* I was unable to find actual reasons as to why
> account creation is restricted - did I just miss them in my skim reading?
> Best,
> Thehelpfulone
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Thehelpfulone
> On 9 Dec 2012, Craig Franklin <cfrank...@halonetwork.net> wrote:
> Hi Thehelpfulone,
> You can request an account for the chapter wiki here:
> http://www.wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Special:RequestAccount
> Your application will be assessed by one of the three account approvers
> (Angela, Andrew, or Mark) and hopefully approved.  They're usually fairly
> quick off the mark in dealing with applications, so you won't have to wait
> long.  Obviously, feedback from non-members on member proposals is very
> welcome as well.
> For a bit of background on why this is the way that it is, see:
> http://www.wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Billabong#Non-member_participation
> http://www.wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Proposal:Non-member_participation
> and
> http://www.wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Meeting:Committee_(2011-09-15)#Non-member_participation
> Cheers,
> Craig Franklin
> On 9 December 2012 12:29, Thehelpfulone <thehelpfulonew...@gmail.com>wrote:
>> Hi Craig,
>> I'd be more than happy to comment on these proposals but presuming that
>> comments would be best on-wiki, I'd need an account! Please can you create
>> one for me (you can use this email address and username Thehelpfulone)?
>> I'm also interested in the reasoning behind the restricting account
>> creation on that wiki, I imagine that the intention is not to stifle
>> discussion from non-members and indeed edits by IPs can also be useful. If
>> its a problem with spamming, there are some anti-spam measures that can be
>> utilised on MediaWiki.
>> Thehelpfulone
>> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Thehelpfulone
>> On 9 Dec 2012, at 02:16, Craig Franklin <cfrank...@halonetwork.net>
>> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Just a quick note that there are a couple of proposals on the WMAU wiki
>> that are currently in the "public comment and review" phase.  Extra eyes
>> are always welcomed on proposals, whether they're from members of the
>> chapter or not.
>> 1.  http://www.wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Proposal:Paralympic_Winter_Sports -
>> This is a proposal to fund part of a trip to the United States for a group
>> of Australian volunteers to document winter sports.  Note that obviously
>> there's been a bit of 'history' around this grant, it would be warmly
>> appreciated if feedback could be limited to the merits of the proposal
>> itself, and further commentary around the circumstances surrounding it
>> could be kept to a minimum.
>> 2.  http://www.wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Proposal:WLM_2013 - This is a
>> proposal for the chapter to get engaged and take part in the Wiki Loves
>> Monuments programme in 2013.  Consensus seems to be fairly firm that we
>> ought to do it, but there is a fair bit of interesting discussion around
>> what the best approach might be.
>> There are also a couple of "proposed proposals" that could benefit from
>> some further exposure:
>> 1.
>> http://www.wikimedia.org.au/wiki/User:John_Vandenberg/Suspending_the_private_mailing_list
>>  -
>> Proposal to suspend the chapter's private members mailing list.  An
>> alternate approach being discussed on the talk page is to put in place a
>> code of conduct that all subscribers would be expected to adhere to.
>> 2.  http://www.wikimedia.org.au/wiki/User:Tony1/Proposed_membership_table -
>> A proposed (optional) public list of chapter members and other Australian
>> volunteers to keep a track of the geographic spread of members, and to make
>> it easier to find Australian volunteers to collaborate with.
>> 3.
>> http://www.wikimedia.org.au/wiki/User:Leighblackall/Bendigo_Victoria_2013 -
>> Proposal for an editing workshop, focusing on the field of Health Sciences,
>> to take place in Bendigo in 2013.
>> Cheers,
>> Craig Franklin
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