As per


1.      get a seconder
2.      get support of a committee member
3.      two people (well, I guess one sender and one cc-ed) request the
committee to make a decision within 28 days (I do that
quickly given the timing)






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Thanks for the suggestions and feedback on the Bendigo workshop:


Assuming my responses are satisfactory, what are the next steps?

On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 2:30 PM, G. White <> wrote:

Hi All,

Having finally found the proposal page, I have just posted an evaluation of
the Winter Sports Proposal
luating_the_proposal>  that I hope it is helpful to the committee and the


On 9 December 2012 13:52, Thehelpfulone <> wrote:

Hi Craig,


Thanks for your prompt response! I've gone ahead and requested an account
through the interface that you linked to. 


I've had a brief skim read of the background info pages and whilst I noticed
"There are many potential issues with non-member participation, most of
which have not been investigated thoroughly from a legal perspective", I was
unable to find actual reasons as to why account creation is restricted - did
I just miss them in my skim reading?





On 9 Dec 2012, Craig Franklin <> wrote:

Hi Thehelpfulone,


You can request an account for the chapter wiki here:


Your application will be assessed by one of the three account approvers
(Angela, Andrew, or Mark) and hopefully approved.  They're usually fairly
quick off the mark in dealing with applications, so you won't have to wait
long.  Obviously, feedback from non-members on member proposals is very
welcome as well.


For a bit of background on why this is the way that it is, see:




Craig Franklin

On 9 December 2012 12:29, Thehelpfulone <> wrote:

Hi Craig,


I'd be more than happy to comment on these proposals but presuming that
comments would be best on-wiki, I'd need an account! Please can you create
one for me (you can use this email address and username Thehelpfulone)? 


I'm also interested in the reasoning behind the restricting account creation
on that wiki, I imagine that the intention is not to stifle discussion from
non-members and indeed edits by IPs can also be useful. If its a problem
with spamming, there are some anti-spam measures that can be utilised on


On 9 Dec 2012, at 02:16, Craig Franklin <> wrote:

Hi All,


Just a quick note that there are a couple of proposals on the WMAU wiki that
are currently in the "public comment and review" phase.  Extra eyes are
always welcomed on proposals, whether they're from members of the chapter or


1. -
This is a proposal to fund part of a trip to the United States for a group
of Australian volunteers to document winter sports.  Note that obviously
there's been a bit of 'history' around this grant, it would be warmly
appreciated if feedback could be limited to the merits of the proposal
itself, and further commentary around the circumstances surrounding it could
be kept to a minimum.


2. - This is a proposal
for the chapter to get engaged and take part in the Wiki Loves Monuments
programme in 2013.  Consensus seems to be fairly firm that we ought to do
it, but there is a fair bit of interesting discussion around what the best
approach might be.


There are also a couple of "proposed proposals" that could benefit from some
further exposure:


_mailing_list - Proposal to suspend the chapter's private members mailing
list.  An alternate approach being discussed on the talk page is to put in
place a code of conduct that all subscribers would be expected to adhere to.


2. -
A proposed (optional) public list of chapter members and other Australian
volunteers to keep a track of the geographic spread of members, and to make
it easier to find Australian volunteers to collaborate with.


3. -
Proposal for an editing workshop, focusing on the field of Health Sciences,
to take place in Bendigo in 2013.



Craig Franklin

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