I'm flexible, but 20:00 AEST sounds good. 

Could I suggest a note to memebers about five to seven days beforehand, perhaps 
specifying a kick-off issue/agenda item or two, and that the meeting might be 
limited to 60 mins or less? If the maximum duration is long, or the end-time is 
open-ended, the drop-in drop-out casualness of it all detracts from the 
cohesiveness of the gathering.


On 04/03/2013, at 9:11 PM, Craig Franklin wrote:

> Firstly, apologies on the somewhat late notice - would members prefer it if 
> we dropped a notice in a couple of days beforehand?  Remembering that the 
> meeting is *always* on the first Sunday of the month?
> Secondly, Gnangarra raises a good point that we should move the time around a 
> bit every now and then for the benefit of those for whom the normal time is 
> not convenient.  As daylight savings ends at the beginning of April (I 
> think), would anyone object to holding the April meeting at 8pm AEST (6pm WA 
> time)?  Or is there another time that would be even better for the other WA 
> folk?
> Cheers,
> Craig
> On 3 March 2013 23:02, Gnangarra <gnanga...@gmail.com> wrote:
> WA 2pm on a sunday afternoon in the middle of a long weekend, not really 
> practical. Hopefully once Vic, NSW SA and TAS go off daylight saving the 
> committee will hold one of these at say 6pm wst, 8pm est.
> On 3 March 2013 20:52, Chris Watkins <chriswater...@appropedia.org> wrote:
> On 3 March 2013 14:46, Tony Souter <to...@iinet.net.au> wrote:
> Could there be more notice? And an agenda topic or two might attract more 
> members into participating. Items don't have to be billed as occupying the 
> meeting exclusively.
> Agreed - I appreciate the work done by the organizers, but I reckon more 
> notice and topics would get more of us to join in. 
> I have the meetings as a recurring event in my calendar, but something always 
> distracts me... if I knew what was going to be discussed, I'm sure I'd be 
> more likely to remember to actually log on.
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> Chris Watkins
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