Although the census data is CC-BY, I suspect the reason they want you to
register and login to access it from their website is so they can track what
people are downloading. This is the first time it's been freely available on
the web and I am guessing that they are expected to report on what's being
accessed and by whom (individuals vs companies, which state, within or
beyond Australia) which needs you to login. Knowing interest levels in the
different data sets what might alter the priorities on the analysis they do
with the census data. 


Toby, re your visualisations, they are very effective - far more so than the
spreadsheets themselves! If you are willing to share your scripts, maybe we
could put them on the WMAU website. It would be nice to have a "toolkit"
section for working with Australian datasets like the census. 






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Under CC License, But Official Site Tries To Make It Hard To Download


I find the ABS better than most government departments.  Although I haven't
found stable deeplinks to census data, I'm reasonably happy with everything

Just a reminder that every timeseries the ABS makes available (all 64293 of
them) has been plotted, is available on Commons, and gets updated to
incorporate additional datapoints and new datasets:

About one hundred of these are in use on en-wiki, but I think there's
potential for plenty more.

Also, if it's census data you want, I have written the scripts to make maps
like these for any census question (in the Basic Community Profile so far)
for any geographic subdivision method:

I'd like to improve them before doing a mass upload, but if you want
anything in particular, let me know.

Toby / 99of9


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