They were all editing in userspace, so I don't think it matters where they
are editing.


I agree than when the Visual Editor is fully functional, it should be a
better editor for our new editors and we will update our training to use it.
It's just hard to run a training course with material on the existing editor
when unbeknownst to you some of the class are using a different editor.


What was your experience with citations? The drop-down templates didn't seem
to work at all in the workshop - the window with the fields would not
appear, i.e. nothing happened.






From: Gnangarra [] 
Sent: Friday, 28 June 2013 8:10 AM
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Subject: Re: [wmau:members] training session - Tuesday


If they dont edit mainspace they are likely get the original editor, I've
been beta testing for a week and really arent all that impressed, some it is
to do with the me adjusting to using the Visual editor but its also
difficult to do more than just typing, creating tables, wikilinking is
cumbersome and feels like a backwards step, and I havent added images yet.
If you are doing workshops you really need to switch to the visual editor
just start getting a feel for it because they are committed to changing over
to it


On 28 June 2013 05:44, Kerry Raymond <> wrote:

Yes, and I believe there is also a preferences setting in relation to the
Visual Editor too (which probably allows you to turn it off). I believe
there is also a preference to opt-out of any experimental feature testing
more generally.


If I had known that the cause of the problem was the testing of the Visual
Editor with half of the new user population, I probably may have thought of
some solutions along these lines. But in the absence of any warning of such
a thing happening, I just didn't think of that possibility. Generally by the
time the person put up their hand to say "it doesn't work for me", they were
already in edit mode. It was only almost at the end of the workshop that I
saw an "Edit" and an "Edit Source" tab side-by-side on someone's screen and
I realised that the VisualEditor must be involved (I was aware they had
called for alpha testers, but obviously new editors would have been unlikely
to have signed up for alpha testing). What made the situation quite
confusing was that not all the class was affected  - in particular
everything was working perfectly for a lady who had brought her own Mac
laptop, which mislead me to suspect that the problem may have been related
to some of library-supplied computers (they were very "locked-down" and only
had Internet Explorer so I was suspecting it might be a "too old" version of
IE or something like that).


But if anyone happens to be helping out a new user going forward, bear in
mind there is probably a 50-50 chance that they are using the new Visual
Editor as part of this trial (which I believe is ongoing - that is, more new
editors are being added to the trial every day as they sign up). I wonder if
they bothered to tell the TeaHouse about this? Also, if any of those new
users goes searching for Help pages, will they be taken to Help pages for
the Visual Editor or the regular ones? Do Help pages even exist for the
Visual Editor yet? I don't know what risk management strategies are in
place, but my own experience suggests "probably not a lot".






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Cc: WMAu members; Wikimedia Australia Chapter
Subject: Re: [wmau:members] training session - Tuesday


If that happens again note that there is a tab edit source that gives you
the normal editing screen


On 27 June 2013 13:41, Kerry Raymond <> wrote:

If anyone would like to help our newest editors and their nascent articles,
please see the list here:


Unfortunately, these new editors did not have a good experience of Wikipedia
in the training session as many functions appeared not to work correctly,
the user interface was all messed up, etc. It turned out that it had been
decided to run A/B testing of the new Visual Editor on 50% of newly
registered users, meaning that (unbeknownst to all present) quite a number
of the class were probably not using the same editor as used in the
preparation of the presentation and the printed manuals prepared by State
Library of Queensland. It was a bewildering experience for us all,
particularly as it appears that the Visual Editor does not have citation
templates working yet. 


So, some friendly help with their articles and maybe some "Wiki Love" (that
new heart button on the User page) might help to recover a rather
disappointing experience for these new editors.







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