If anyone would like to help our newest editors and their nascent articles,
please see the list here:




Unfortunately, these new editors did not have a good experience of Wikipedia
in the training session as many functions appeared not to work correctly,
the user interface was all messed up, etc. It turned out that it had been
decided to run A/B testing of the new Visual Editor on 50% of newly
registered users, meaning that (unbeknownst to all present) quite a number
of the class were probably not using the same editor as used in the
preparation of the presentation and the printed manuals prepared by State
Library of Queensland. It was a bewildering experience for us all,
particularly as it appears that the Visual Editor does not have citation
templates working yet. 


So, some friendly help with their articles and maybe some "Wiki Love" (that
new heart button on the User page) might help to recover a rather
disappointing experience for these new editors.







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