Producing a position paper that the ADA can use would be one of the most 
significant things the chapter ever did. Assistance from other Wikimedians 
might be forthcoming if messages are posted (by the committee) on mailing lists 
asking for advice after a draft is written.

Some of Australia's copyright restrictions are ridiculous and unsustainable.

Please think of what the strategy would be. At a guess, analysing any ADA 
proposal, setting out how draconian some aspects of Australian copyright law 
are compared with those in the US (e.g. no fair use), and organising WMAU 
members to lobby on social media etc.


On 12/11/2013, at 7:28 PM, Andrew Owens wrote:

> The Australian Digital Alliance is pushing for a fair use amendment to
> the Copyright Act. Is there anything WMAu and its supporters can do to
> get on board with it?
> kindest regards
> Andrew
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