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> Aloha from Hawaii!
> I'm at an Internet cafe so must be brief.
> I too would like to see us 'weigh in' on the matter of the copyright review
> and as some of you may recall I made a submission to the initial round
> myself (specifically relating to faithful reproductions of 2D PD artworks).
> I would be very happy to see WMAu to send in a 'we support what the ADA
> said' submission.
> Tell me if I can help in this matter because Trish is based at the National
> Library and I see her almost daily.

A WMAU response endorsing the ADA submissions would be good.  We
should start a draft in someone's userspace and take it from there.


Also relevant is the IP chapter of TPP which was leaked yesterday by Wikileaks


The raw text is here:


Many online commentators are equating it with SOPA, etc., as it
contains many of the same provisions.


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