The site as it is has a bit of the Wikipedia "problem": you browse and
it causes more browsing.

Note that there are special cases in this site (some without actual
* Some videos have lists of shortcuts to go to specific parts (e.g. )
* This seems to show the robot's current location: (this is
the one without an actual explanation)
* And, of course, some blurbs do have links (e.g.

On 6 May 2014 09:54, Liam Wyatt <> wrote:
> Hello Australian and GLAMtools lists,
> I read today on the Creative Commons Australia blog that CSIRIO's
> ScienceImage library has been re-licensed to CC-BY:
> [for non-Australians CSIRO is our national science/research institute].
> This is a fabulous series of images, nearly all of which are useful in WP
> articles as they are taken for 'scientific' purposes which means they are
> easily usable as educational images. Take a look:
> There's also over 500 documentary video files
> Here are the subject areas they've divided things up into:
> Animals birds fish marine life sheep
> Buildings laboratories radio telescopes
> Food fruits vegetables seafood
> Insects arachnids moths termites
> Landscapes deserts farms mountains
> People In the lab in the field
> Plants crops flowers trees
> Soil Science erosion mining soils
> Technology computers & computer equipment
> Textile wool and woollen products
> Transportation boats
> Equipment industrial equipment laboratories
> Fire bushfire fire management
> Water irrigation lakes rivers
> Could someone on the GLAMWikiToolset users see if you can neatly extract
> these files to mass upload them to Commons? Equally, we could try to contact
> CSIRO directly?
> -Liam
> Peace, love & metadata
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