I say again: the NLA has tried, and will no doubt try again next time they
have to renegotiate...

On Thursday, 6 November 2014, Leigh Blackall <leighblack...@gmail.com>

> The thing is, all Australian universities are looking to cut
> subscriptions, to save money, looking especially at the least used
> subscriptions. If they pooled to the NLA, they'd be preserving those niche
> or historic subscriptions, and increasing the diversity of options across
> the board. How real is that risk of the publishers restricting the NLA. Can
> we use the German model to ensure it doesn't happen?
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>> > You'll not be surprised to hear that the idea of a single national
>> license
>> > has been proposed before (and especially supported by the smaller /
>> > non-metropolitan universities. And you'll be equally unsurprised to hear
>> > that the database companies don't like the idea.
>> >
>> > This is why the fact that you can get off-site access to a LOT of
>> academic
>> > database for free via the national library is an open-secret... The
>> national
>> > library is proud of the service but if university libraries stop
>> subscribing
>> > and instead tell their students to go via the NLA, then the database
>> > companies might start disallowing offsite access in the future.
>> I'd just like to point out that we have a similar scheme in Germany
>> which is widely used and which is not dealt with  as an open secret,
>> but officially. The scientific libraries at Munich, Göttingen, Berlin,
>> and Frankfurt have taken over the technical and the administrative
>> side, while the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft provided the money.
>> Everyone living in Germany may apply for access to the databases
>> available.
>> http://www.nationallizenzen.de
>> List of databases: http://www.nationallizenzen.de/angebote
>> https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nationallizenz#Nationallizenzen_in_Deutschland
>> Regards,
>> Jürgen.
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