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> I like to mention that WM CH already _had_ a members wiki for around two years
> and it was abandoned, that's why we restructured the sites how they are now.
> This was a board decision.

What Manuel has said is correct and I hope to *don't* reopen

I would summarize the decision also for members who has not been
informed about this decision. In this case they can make their own

At start three websites:
* www.wikimedia.ch
* members.wikimedia.ch
* board.wikimedia.ch

There was no sense because was very difficult to update three websites
in 4 languages and the board asked to have this distinction:
* www.wikimedia.ch (without login) - official website
* www.wikimedia.ch (with login) - website to coordinate members and to
have internal communication in substitution of members.wikimedia.ch
* board.wikimedia.ch (without login) - communication of board to external
* board.wikimedia.ch (with login) - to coordinate board's jobs

What Michael is saying has a sense... we need to have another website
for projects because it should give access to participants of projects
which cannot be members.

We have had in the past some exceptions for example for Dani Boos to
give him access in the board.wikimedia.ch during the Bern's Wikipedia
Day, but we hope in the future to proceed without exceptions.

For this reason the idea of Michael has a sense and we hope to have a
subdomain to manage all projects, probably with "different levels of
access" but we know that it's difficult to manage them with Mediawiki.

My personal opinion (but it's personal) I would give access to all
users of this "Wikilab" or "Wikiprojects" to all pages because they
can have a look in each projects and also decide to participate to


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