On 13.03.2011 15:50, Emmanuel Engelhart wrote:

Before any discuss I would invite you to read old emails and in 
particular one of the President sent at least two years ago which 
invited people of the community to participate in the creation of the 
new website.

If someone doesn't remember, we are discussing to make a restyling of 
the web site already two years ago (http://www.wikimedia.ch/Refonte_du_site)

This email has had no answer (also from the CIO). The board has waited 
an answer for more than one year.

After no reply and not interest, the board has received some offers in 
the last months and taken this opportunity to go ahead.

I don't understand why all concerns comes up when a decision has been 
taken and not before.

And I am a little bit worried to read that the community has not been 
consulted when all is published in a public page.

It seems to me too late.
> So you want to create an additional web site to http://www.wikimedia.ch
> ? What will happen with www.wikimedia.ch ?

It will return to be members.wikimedia.ch as it was in the past.

> So, create a general visual identity YES or NO ?

It can be a start to create visual guidelines. But, it's not mandatory.

Please take care that there is not a big creative work to do as we must 
follow the visual guidelines of WMF.

> OK, I understand the focus is on the communication... but you must have
> a tech. solution, and this tech. solution will never be agnostic. So do
> we speak in this project about CMS/hosting/maintenance YES or NO ?

The single tech solution is the CMS. There is an offer for hosting but 
it's under discussion.

> In http://www.wikimedia.ch/Website_2011 I don't see anything in the
> proposition table about re-thinking the information presentation... but
> I see a lot about technical stuff.

Do you mean this? http://www.wikimedia.ch/Site_web

Where you see technical requirements?

> OK, if everything is already decided, I won't invest more time to try to
> understand and improve the situation ; but I want to be clear about the
> following points:
> (1) The whole project and decision process is not transparent for the
> members. This is simply not acceptable for me as association member.
> WMCH projects must be as far as possible transparent and during the
> whole process, members should have a chance to be on board. For that you
> need to take a little bit time... not only 2-3 weeks.

You have had two years. Check old emails.

> (2) The whole project purpose and preparation work is extremely fuzzy.
> As far as I can judge what we really need are visual guidelines and a
> better presentation of our association/activities (so mainly a
> redactional work). Such job is more the speciality of a communication
> agency than a a web agency. Changing the hosting, the CMS, etc... won't
> change anything in this way... but this is a typical job for a web agency.

As I have said we are looking for a better presentation.

The visual guidelines is another job and offered only by one web agency.

> (3) Members, especially people working on such topic from the beginning
> of the association can not simply be ignored, this is simply
> respect-less. We do not have a lot of such people and they are experts
> in their domain. If Manuel, as CIO, says to the board (and it seems I
> say the same), sorry but your IT project seems not clear, please let us
> brainstorm/explain/write a little bit more on it, you should take that
> in consideration. If you think, this is only a communication job, not an
> IT, so change the communication and do not touch the IT. You simply need
> to decide what to display, and the CIO will work to implement it in our
> current CMS.


It seems to be void.

> So, I think this is my last email about that... but IMO this is really a
> bad point for the current CA that he allows such important investments
> although 9what seems to me to be0 a wake project mgmt.

The project management as been weak to wait two years to take a decision.

Any decision cannot have a big approve by the community. Someone agrees, 
some other disagrees.


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