it seems that people are motivated by improving our Web site and also
maybe more. See last email from Manuel.

I have tried in the past hour to understand better what wanted to be
improved? Why? in which way? by who? etc.

I didn't really find answers to my questions, so I simply write them all
* What is the scope: create visual guidelines, improve the Web site
engine, improve the web site content (I ask because this page
http://www.wikimedia.ch/Website_2011 speaks a lot about the visual
guidelines and not really about the Web site)?
* Who are the sponsors and the project leader(s)?
* What is the timeline and the decision process?
* What is exactly wrong with our current Web site (did not find something) ?
* What are the business requirements (I have only find
http://www.wikimedia.ch/Site_web#Goal but this is too fuzzy and I guess
for this reason I feel our current solution is already matching them)?

Having an answer to these questions is mandatory to have a chance to
work on a successful IT project.

Thank you for your help.


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