Dear all,

as announced in the report of the Fundraising Summit in June Holger from
Wikimedia Sweden visited me over the last weekend. Wikimedia Austria
paid for his travel.

Wikimedia Sweden has a very sophisticated setup of CiviCRM on top of
Drupal, (mis-)using CiviCRM for their bookkeeping and using the tools of
CiviCRM in conjunction with their own modules to handle fundraising and
membership management, beyond the regular features of CiviCRM.

After I have implemented the newest version of Drupal and CiviCRM for
Wikimedia Austria we meet now to upgrade WMSE's code to work with the
new Drupal and CiviCRM versions, make it more versatile to be used for
other chapters and enhanced it.

We spent 2,5 days of hacking and coding. The good news are: All modules
now work with Drupal 7 and CiviCRM 4. We also managed to re-write big
parts of the code, made it more modular and internationalised. Many
settings have been moved outside the codebase and have been made
The Donation module has been rewritten completely and got its own module
interface so we could move code for payment providers into sub-modules.
So far we support Payson and Direct Debit. Payson is fully functional
since today, so making a Paypal module is very easy now which I will do
as soon as I have received the details about the Paypal account of
Wikimedia Austria.

We got commit access to the Subversion repository of Wikimedia
Foundation, so all our work is available online and can ge used and

There are still some open issues including bug reports to the CiviCRM
developers. The remaining work will take about another 2,5 days I guess,
finishing up some data that needs to be inserted once a donation or a
membership renewal is done, fixing regular donations and creating the
Paypal module.

Your help is welcome, all we need are one or two skilled PHP
programmers... we have already done our task ;-)

Manuel Schneider

Wikimedia CH - Verein zur Förderung Freien Wissens
Wikimedia CH - Association for the advancement of free knowledge

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