Please allow me to lightly oppose here.
You are right that the Wikimedia mission is not about free / open source 
But - and that is indeed interpretation but I assume an agreed one - making 
knowledge _freely_ accessible to _everyone_ needs _free_ tools available to 
_everyone_ - and that's the aim oft open source.

Wikipedia in jail, based von proprietary software? That would not provide free 
knowledge but just to those who can afford and comply with the software's 


Charles Andrès <> schrieb:

Hi Iolanda,

Not sure to perfectly understand your concerns, so please excuse me if I do not 
really answer.

First, Wikimedia movement has only one common mission "Wikimedia is a global 
movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world" it 
means that Wikipedia in Jail is in the core of the Wikimedia movement mission.

Any other interpretation of Wikimedia mission is the personal opinion of the 
people who express it, and do not reflect the core mission.

For a concrete example, using free software is not the mission of Wikimedia 
movement, it can be considered as a plus, but when somebody use a "close" 
software to accomplish Wikimedia mission, he do not compromise the mission.

For your definition of a partnership, partnership is not always a question of 
what you give and what you receive. Sometimes it's more about establishing a 
situation of trust that will benefit you in the future. This partnership bring 
us a lot benefit, and in the near future it could bring us new editors to 

For your semantic distinction between supporting and cooperating, I do not 
share it, If I'm allowed to make a godwin point, during the last war, I don't 
think those who support were better than those who collaborate (typical french 



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Le 19 juin 2013 à 12:24, Iolanda Pensa <> a écrit :

dear all
when i read the announce "Wikipedia for prisoners an unexpected partnership 
between a swiss prison and Wikimedia CH" I jumped on my chair.
please note that I am not questioning the value of providing access to 
Wikipedia offline, and I think Kiwix is a great project and congratulations to 
Emmanuel and all the people involved.
what made me jump on my chair is the unexpected partnership. for a partnership
1. either you share the same mission (?)
2. either you both give and gain from a cooperation (what Wikimedia CH received 
in return?).
I think calling it a partnership can be a strategic sensational news, but is it 
really partnership?
personally i perceive this communication issue as something important. 
it is the difference for me of saying to my family and friends:
a) I am a member of Wikimedia CH which also supports education programs in 
b) I am a member of Wikimedia CH which cooperates with prisons.
it is not the same thing. a) makes me thing "well done", b) makes me think it 
is not the reason I joint the association.
please consider next time you communicate this project or other projects. it is 
delicacy which actually portraits the vision, the mission, the meaning and the 
sense of what is behind it and behind you. 
Il giorno 19/giu/2013, alle ore 11:09, Emmanuel Engelhart 
<> ha scritto:
This is the result of our press release about our Pilot with the Prison
of Gorgiers, near Neuchatel. Chantal was in touch the last days with
many journalists who have written about our project.
== Online press ==
* Tribune de Genève:
* 24 heures online:
* Le Matin :
* 20 minutes :
* RTN :
* Arc-info :
* Blog online :
== Paper press ==
* 20 minutes
* L'Express
== Wikimedia movement ==
Really warm welcome in many written feedbacks... I hope this will be
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