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Sujet: [Kiwix-developer] [KIWIX][SCRIBUS][INKSCAPE] A little help needed
to migrate our Flyer/Brochure to a free format!
Date : Tue, 14 Jan 2014 22:56:01 +0100
De : Emmanuel Engelhart <kel...@kiwix.org>
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With the help of WikimediaCH, Kiwix has elaborated in 2013, a flyer and
a brochure:
* http://www.kiwix.org/wiki/Flyer
* http://www.kiwix.org/wiki/Brochure

These documents are really beautiful, but we need to translate them in
other languages. Like you can see, the translation work is already done
in many languages, but we still need to "migrate" the documents from a
propriateray "Adobe" (Illustrator?) to an open Scribus file format.

Most of the work is already done, but we are stuck with a few issues
(especially one concerning a half transparent element, we don't achieve
to deal correctly with). The files are available here:

This would be really great if someone with a little bit more
"publishing" knowledge than us may have a look. So we could go ahead and
start spreading these documents in local languages.

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* Twitter: https://twitter.com/KiwixOffline
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