Dear Yann Thank you for your interest! I also appreciated Phoebe's blog post 
and could at least imagine something like this for Wikimedia CH in the future. 
The difference between us and them is that the trustees of the Wikimedia 
Foundation are important because they are at the core of a global movement and 
there is a good distribution of different expertise. Their governance and 
strategic thinking is more advanced in comparison to a chapter like WMCH where 
the Board until recently managed all day-to-day tasks. Before Sue Gardner came 
as ED, the WMF looked much else as well, although I can't remember this time 
very well.  What's currently important on our side is to improve the General 
Assembly and update outdated informations on the website. These are 
opportunities to share more visions, and are already a step forward. I know 
that you have a professional expertise in this area, so maybe we can once have 
a dialogue on this. Regards,  

Patrick Kenel
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posts by Foundation Board members

I'd totally like to see something like that coming from our fellow WMCH 
Boardmembers ;)Stating and repeating the stories around your vision when you 
get into the Board is essential, both internally and externally.

Thanks for the link Charles.-Y.

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Dear all,

Today the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees have posted the first of a
new series of monthly blog posts to the Wikimedia blog. The first post,
from Vice Chair Phoebe Ayers, is an introduction to the Board, its mandate,

and its work within the community.

You can find that post at


Board members will take turns publishing one or two new posts every month,
where they will explore ongoing initiatives of the Board and discuss
topics relevant to the movement and the Wikimedia community.

We hope you'll enjoy these posts, and also that you'll take time
to comment, offer suggestions, and get involved in a dialog with the Board
of Trustees.


Jay Walsh (for communications)

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