Hi Clément,

This should answer your legal question :

admin.ch :  « Haltereigenschaft(en) nach SVG »  / « Qualité(s) de détenteur 
selon la LCR »


I agree with your view that you should clarify the situation and your 
respective roles with WMCH before using the drone.

In my interpretation, if WMCH reserves for itself the right to decide who is 
allowed to use or steer the drone, if it is up to WMCH to decide whether the 
drone is in an appropriate state to be used, and if WMCH pays for the 
exploitation cost, they would be considered the Halter / détenteur. If the 
association delegates this role to you, you would be the Halter / détenteur, 
independently from the fact that the association is the owner of the drone 
(most likely even if the association is re-funding the exploitation cost).

Probably it would be wise to have a written agreement with the insurance 
company that the association is to be considered the Halter / détenteur 
whenever the drone is being used by en employee or a member of the association, 
and to have an agreement between the association and the users of the drone 
regarding the conditions of use (e.g. users have to prove that they are able to 
steer it; the use is only allowed in the interest of association goals).

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer. So take this information and advice at your own 


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Hello all,

Short abstract:

The association has a drone, currently in Geneva. The swiss legislation is 
permissive, but one must have an insurance to use it. As the drone is WMCH's 
property, who should get the required insurance ? More generally, what about 
insurance for equipment and volunteers ?

L'association dispose d'un drone, actuellement à Genève. La législation suisse 
est permissive, mais il faut avoir une assurance pour l'utiliser. Comme le 
drone est la propriété de WMCH, qui devrait obtenir l'assurance requise? De 
manière plus générale, qu'en est-il de l'assurance du matériel et des bénévoles 

Der Verein hat eine Drohne, die derzeit in Genf ist. Das Schweizer Gesetzgebung 
ist permissive, aber man muss eine Zusicherung haben, es zu benutzen. Wie die 
Drohne ist WMCH Eigentum, wer die erforderliche Zusicherung erhalten sollte? 
Ganz allgemein, was über die Versicherung der Ausrüstung und der Freiwilligen?

Long version:
In light of the actuality in France, where a young boy have been prosecuted for 
filming with a drone (in French: 
 ), may I remind you that the association is the proud owner of a DJI Phantom 
(https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:WMCH_Drone.jpg), a drone that can be 
used in combination with a GoPro to take pictures. Examples are here: 

The swiss legislation is by far more permissive than the French one when it 
comes to drones. An abstract is avalaible here: 

However, the law states "Afin de garantir les prétentions des tiers au sol, 
l'exploitant doit conclure une assurance responsabilité civile d'une somme de 1 
million de francs au moins./Die Haftpflichtansprüche von Dritten auf der Erde 
sind vom Halter oder von der Halterin durch eine Haftpflichtversicherung mit 
einer Garantiesumme von mindestens 1 Million Franken sicherzustellen.". My 
question is: Who is the "exploitant/Halter" ? Is it the association or is it 
the person piloting the drone ?

* Can the association have a formal and legal advice on this ?

* Can the association get an insurance for the volunteers piloting the drone ?

This also raise the question of insurance for the equipment owned by the 
association, and for the volunteers and their equipment while participating in 
events for the association.

* If one causes damage with the association equipment, or if the association 
equipment is damaged or stolen, how are we insured ?

* If my equipment is damaged or stolen while participating to an event for the 
association ?

I think those are important questions, that need a real answer.

Just for information, I will not fly the WMCH drone until the situation is 
clear, as I think this is to jeopardizing for me.

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