Sorry if you saw an unintended pun. Again, I'm sure the technical solutions
and the content will be very good (and I do like the idea, it's a good
one). But my professional experience is: it's unfortunately not enough,
particularly sustainability-wise.

I'll do my best to be available end of March if needed for a practical
workshop. My guess is Muriel could help a lot in that field too.


Tapé sur un téléphone, entre un bus et un train. Merci de votre indulgence
pour les coquilles.
Le 25 févr. 2014 12:23, "Emmanuel Engelhart" <> a écrit :

> Le 25/02/2014 12:13, Yann Heurtaux a écrit :
> > Please keep in mind that using Social Media (inc. Tumblr in that
> > particular case) only for pushing/spreading, without having a plan (ie
> > people, time, and a strategy for reaching active communities before the
> > launch) for nurturing conversation on each channel with its dedicated
> > tone would be at best noise without a chance to find its public,
> > unfortunately.
> >
> > Content alone doesn't work anymore, you need non-automated ways to put
> > it in context.
> Do you have concrete advises adapted to our situation?
> Or you maybe want to wait to see how it looks like?
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