Only one suggestion.

Please consider as central entry point Commons because it's unrelated to
the language and easier to use (people already have an account).

In addition the publication in social networks may help to widespread the
page of Wikimedia Ch projects in Commons and attract more people interested
to evaluate and to select.


On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 11:41 AM, Manuel Schneider <> wrote:

> I wonder if such a model would work:
> * A group of volunteers selects images from Wikimedia Commons and uses a
> wiki to sort and rank them and finally create the list of images on a
> particular page. This page can hold already images "parked" for future
> publication - like we plan a few weeks in advance, so we only have to do
> the whole selection process maybe four times a year.
> This may be a designated area in the members wiki, which includes the
> Commons files.
> * A script regularly reads this wiki page and determines which is now
> the current image of the day. It adds it to a RSS feed which holds the
> last n images of the day in descending order.
> This may be run as a cron job on the WMCH server, I am happy to set up
> some script (I already have done both PHP / MediaWiki API and RSS
> scripts) or just provide shell access to someone who manages this script.
> * Everyone else can then use the RSS feed to get the image of the day on
> their website, upload it to Tumblr, whatever, send a tweet, post it on
> facebook... (the latter two things can easily be done with
> which automatically posts from RSS to Twitter,
> Facebook and LinkedIn).
> The Wikipedia Article of the Day of de:wp is also published through RSS.
> The
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