On 1/17/06, Michael Bimmler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Certainly. So we could just *for the beginning* have the adress of the
> president (or if he doesn't like this, another member of the board)
> mentioned somewhere, and than the person, whose adress is mentioned
> and who receives the letters will just "post" them (give a summary) at
> the list or, if it is more "sensible" at a "wmch-board-list".
> Reminder. We also have to care for an OTRS Mail account. Delphine/Angela:
> Do you know, whether we can have something like [EMAIL PROTECTED] or
> does OTRS only work, if we have something like [EMAIL PROTECTED] or
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] and so on?

In order to have the address [EMAIL PROTECTED], you need to have your
hands on the domain wikimedia.ch, which seems to be the case (?), so
this address can redirect to a very simple [EMAIL PROTECTED] which
will end up in OTRS (this is what the French and the Germans are
doing). The public address is then [EMAIL PROTECTED], the internal
address is [EMAIL PROTECTED], but this is internal stuff. Just tell
me when to create it.

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