Dear Basavaraj,

Well... Sanskrit is the mother of most Indian languages... just because many
dont know how to speak in sanskrit today... that doesn't mean that sanskrit
should be allowed to wither away... moreover sanskrit is one of the official
languages of India...

Lets speak about what's happening today... Irrespective of cast, creed,
religion Sanskrit is being taught everywhere... Its open to all... anyone
can learn it if they wish... We have a Sanskrit University today in

Views on caste, creed, religion should not be discussed here... Lets not
forget that Wikipedia is today open to all irrespective of cast,
creed,religion... All those who can access internet that is... In two
decades at the most... Computers and internet would be like what mobile
phones are today... it will be available for everyone at less cost... Now..
when that happens... I think Wikipedia would be very handy to everyone...

Its in the best interest for the future generations to access about anything
they wish to learn about, in any language they wish...

If people put up articles on Wikipedia, edit them and provide* credible,
reliable and relevant *references for their articles... then there are no
problems at all... we will have a wonderful database of information about
nearly everything in most languages that are existing today... that should
be our aim...

Prateek Ramachandra.
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