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> Great work!  How do we add same feature in other Indic wikipedia like
> Bengali/Odia ?

To host it yourself like tawp.in follow the steps

1. Get a domain name.
2. Install node.js[1] and shortify[2] in your server.
3. Do minor changes in redirect.js in the shortify code to get suitable url
4. Add the shortify userscript in Mediawiki:vector.js (If you want to make
it global to Wiki) or your vector skin while testing.
5. Modify the shortify userscript[3] to change the location where the short
link comes, by default it comes below username (display breaks for anon
users with the Narayam extn on, so change it to somewhere else on the page)

The above is hard way. Easy way is to localize shortify so that
User:Mountain will host it for you under defn.me domain name. It supports
tamil, malayalam now since they were localized already. Do check your
language page http://defn.me/s/or OR http://defn.me/s/
for instructions. Its 10 min job :) (If you got problems here, send me
across the localized file, i can commit in github if thats your problem)

It works in ml since it was already localized :)

Jayanta nath / Subhasish,

You can also consider PrettyURL[4] from ml wiki. Pesture Shiju / other ml
friends :). Its just a template, but the problem is one needs to run a bot
for all existing articles to add the template with a fancy name.But ml wiki
is primarily using english names, transliterated text to form pretty urls.
Just as i type, Santhosh replied. More on another reply.

[1] http://nodejs.org
[2] https://github.com/mountain/shortify
[3] http://tawp.in/r/1ygr -- Modified shorturl.js for position on right of
article title.
http://ml.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E0%B4%AB%E0%B4%B2%E0%B4%95%E0%B4%82:Prettyurl --
Its funny, prettyurl template extension url isnt pretty :P

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