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> After talking with Srikanth for a bit more, I was able to quickly
> hackup this mediawiki extension[1] that does exactly the same thing
> tawp.in does now, but in the same domain. So you'll have URLs like
> http://ta.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:ShortUrl/262. While definitely
> longer than http://tawp.in/r/262, it can be made much shorter via a
> simple apache mod_rewrite so http://ta.wikipedia.org/r/262 also works.
> The advantage of having it as an extension is, ofcourse, that the
> wikipedia is no longer dependent on code run on a 3rd party server (in
> this case, tawp.in).
> [1]: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:ShortUrl

Now that is *really quick*. It would definitely be useful for not just
wikipedia, any non latin mediawiki can use this.There was a request on tamil
wikipedia for tamil wikinews as well. I think polishing this and making it
available on all non latin wiki will help :)

> Feedback welcome :)

Feedback from mediawiki extn perspective : Options to set the "ShortURL" to
be displayed on client side will help. For instance I could install this on
mediawiki server, but for shortname sake I may still want the short domain
name to be used (I might use mod_rewrite in the short domain). Also base 36
will not be able to cater larger wiki's like en.wiki. This should be made
configurable. Probably the simplest way to display in client side is to add
a line to Toolbox page. (This will make it "standardized") and also makes it
load faster since there wont be an additional js download and will work even
when non js browsers. ( #facepalm to me for having spent a long time trying
to bring it on right spot on the UI [and still its buggy on FA pages])

Please post to Wikitech-I to get more technical feedback :)

> P.S. My first ever mediawiki extension. I've verified it works, but
> testing would be welcome too :)

Welcome to Mediawiki. We need more love from geeks like you :) especially
for a lot of indic solutions. Feel free to mail this list with any ideas you
may have.

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