I'm sorry you feel that way about me. Please understand that I value your
contributions and this is nothing personal, but I have also been trying to
talk sense into you for over a month now, on IRC and on-wiki. I said I
really liked your enthusiasm but you need to learn first how things work.
Most people on this list have been editing for years. I don't know of anyone
in my experience, who has requested the number of rights you have in the
extremely short amount of time as you have. Admin rights on a content-wiki
take at least an year, several years in come cases. I have only wanted to
help you to, learn first how things work before you create problems for

I have informed you earlier that I am from and in Delhi, and I organized the
last 3 meetups. I went looking for enthusiastic wikipedians like you for
weeks on en wiki last year. So, I would consider myself a stake-holder in
the Delhi-community and its actions.

I have not met you, or for that matter even Mayur. Because of that and the
work on Meta, I'm asked repeatedly about your proposals and rights by
others. I did not butt in to your conversation on IRC about removal of HPN
but was asked by someone else on another channel. Please understand, it is
also frustrating for me to check up on everything.

You once requested 3 rights from stewards in one week along with removal of
HPN, it's not common to get so many requests that often from an almost
inactive wikis. I have tried to point you to this mailing list and inform
you about HPN's work on several occasions. If you would have asked me before
the stewards, I would have pointed you to a written policy where by stewards
don't remove crats from other wikis by other's request simply for being
inactive. As for the comment, "which right do you want now", that's not an
uncommon way for people to joke about on IRC.

As for the bid, you age and experience do come into the situation again. It
takes a team of active organizers an year to plan and organize a conference
like WIkimania. I am well aware of the bidding process, adding an
'unofficial' bid by a single person hampers other genuine organizers like
Mumbai. I have informed you of this several times. Again, I am not bringing
up your age to dismiss you but by Indian laws, you legally can not start a
chapter yourself. I would suggest you organize a student-club in your school
first and learn how things work.



On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 10:35 PM, Vibhi Jain <vibhij...@yahoo.in> wrote:

> Well as it comes to age, i do not think that its a barrier here. As it
> comes to sysop rights, i am the largest contributor to sa wiki and to pi
> wiki, where I am a sysop. Well for your information, I have been engaged
> in contacting organizations for collaborations with pi wiki. Then it comes
> to bot rights, it is just my AWB account so I can add stub template to
> pali wikipedia articles. And as it comes to oversight, what are you talking
> about. I know that oversight are for those who are above 18. And now the
> removal, I don't think that this right is not given to me, for your
> information, I have also made a admin policy for sa wiki. Its not that I did
> it to take a revenge or anything. HPN has been inactive from 2007 on sa wiki
> and made Mike a crat without community consensus. I also had a fight with
> him regarding his removal (sorry if he felt angry with me). And who say that
> I have placed a bid alone, just see the local team, you will also find Mayur
> there. And its a unofficial bid, who am I to place a bid, its
> just unofficial bid my friend. Well I don't understand why do you always
> classify users by seeing their joining date, not their contributions. I also
> wanted to have a workshop and a meetup before placing a request, and I have
> been in discussion about that with Mayur, but we need to know are people
> really interested in this so we can decide whether  to raise this issue.
> Well I don't want to have a fight here, I already had some. Sorry If I did
> some wrong, But Theo, why do you always disturb me, you also said ''Which
> right do you want now'' on IRC when I was just having a talk with a user
> regarding removal of sysop rights. Well If you have any problem, tell it
> freely to me.
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