Vibhi, I suggest you take it cool.

I appreciate your enthusiasm in Sa and especially Pi wikipedias; No one is
belittling your contributions. First: there was, and is (as of now) approved
admin/crat policy on sa wikipedia, and you cannot quote policies which do
not exist. Also, I don't think you know what oversight rights are.

I do not mean or intend to undermine your contributions or enthusiasm, but I
think we'd all appreciate it if you could keep personal comments offlist.

Swaroop Rao
(MikeLynch) <>

On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 22:35, Vibhi Jain <> wrote:

> Well as it comes to age, i do not think that its a barrier here. As it
> comes to sysop rights, i am the largest contributor to sa wiki and to pi
> wiki, where I am a sysop. Well for your information, I have been engaged
> in contacting organizations for collaborations with pi wiki. Then it comes
> to bot rights, it is just my AWB account so I can add stub template to
> pali wikipedia articles. And as it comes to oversight, what are you talking
> about. I know that oversight are for those who are above 18. And now the
> removal, I don't think that this right is not given to me, for your
> information, I have also made a admin policy for sa wiki. Its not that I did
> it to take a revenge or anything. HPN has been inactive from 2007 on sa wiki
> and made Mike a crat without community consensus. I also had a fight with
> him regarding his removal (sorry if he felt angry with me). And who say that
> I have placed a bid alone, just see the local team, you will also find Mayur
> there. And its a unofficial bid, who am I to place a bid, its
> just unofficial bid my friend. Well I don't understand why do you always
> classify users by seeing their joining date, not their contributions. I also
> wanted to have a workshop and a meetup before placing a request, and I have
> been in discussion about that with Mayur, but we need to know are people
> really interested in this so we can decide whether  to raise this issue.
> Well I don't want to have a fight here, I already had some. Sorry If I did
> some wrong, But Theo, why do you always disturb me, you also said ''Which
> right do you want now'' on IRC when I was just having a talk with a user
> regarding removal of sysop rights. Well If you have any problem, tell it
> freely to me.
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