On 4 July 2011 15:22, Béria Lima <berial...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I can help redesign the wiki main page. But would help if you people say
> what do you want (as if: "I would like if the main page was like WM XX wiki
> main page")

Welcome and thank you for the offer of assistance!

> And talking about that: Do you people have it wikipedia.in domain? Because
> if a chapter would give good use to that would be you (with the thousand
> languages in India). You could do something like in wikipedia.fr (WMPT has
> the code, we are updating to place in our wikipedia.pt (now a redirect to
> pt.wikipedia.org).

Sadly, we don't.

> And btw: Hello people. Salmaan invited me to be here, but if i shouldn't
> please say so and i will leave.

Welcome and please do stay. :)

Thank you.



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