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> +1 to Pranav's comment on lack of a local team. The main problem as I see
> in India will be the distance and hence someone in Delhi can't really be of
> much help to someone in Bombay.

While local team is one thing. There were still lot of things that people
could have done sitting elsewhere. Beria did some amazing work with keeping
up the portal and posting messages, she was not even in India. There were
many others from many cities and few countries who made this conference
happen, in the sense it was not just "Mumbai community" but some "location
agnostic wikipedian community" that pulled the event off together. The
problem with WCI was both lack of local as well as online volunteers and it
was not like people weren't there. They were very much happy in giving
advice on the list(the archives can speak for itself). So when the emphasis
on "Strong local team" was made by Pranav, it must be read as having a
large enough community of "Do-ers" than "talkers" for the scale of event. I
strongly don't foresee the next edition of WCI happening in 2012, leave
alone Wikimania 2013.

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