Agree and disagree. 

Though WCI takes a lot of effort, yes, the results are for all of us to see. A 
new incubator has been initiated (Ahirani), there is talk of revival of other 
Indic pedias such as Kashmiri, several Photowalks, hackathons, Workshops and 
Academies have been held (or are being planned) in the last couple of months, 
COTM has been revived on Several people who came as attendees are now 
active members of the community. These are just some of the major happenings - 
When we came up with the idea, we never imagined this sort of impact. Each 
community seems to have taken a leaf out of anothers book. No one can take 
credit for this, it is just a result of mingling with one another. WCI was 
ridden with mistakes and severly short on manpower, but hey - it was our first 
attempt at anything like this and Im sure we did a decent job given the 
circumstances. Im also sure it is a lesson for the future, the start of a 
learning curve.

On the other hand, there need to be resources available to do it all over 
again. So, IMO if a certain local community anywhere in the country feels it 
can take it up, yes they should go ahead with another version in 2012 as 
hosting it on an annual basis will only take the event to the next level and 
give us exposure that no local event can give. 

The only advice I can give to communities interested, dont think holding it is 
a cakewalk, horrendous things will happen and you will need to deal with them, 
be prepared to work your ass off (literally, 16 to 18 hours a day, 7 days a 
week), have atleast 5 people working on it full time and 20 people who can give 
atleast 5 hours a week to begin with and 10 hours a week in the last couple of 
months and be ready to face the worst with a brave face. 

We will soon be coming out with our report on WCI 2011 and hope that it would 
help future organisers of similar events in their endevours.

Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 04:16:16 +0530
Subject: Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] [Foundation-l] REMINDER: Wikimania 2013 - 
invitation to bid


I appreciate the wise decision from Indian Wikipedia community to opt out of 
Wikimania bid until next few years. 

Even Wikiconference India need not be an annual event considering the amount of 
human and financial resources spent on it. What we need is strengthening local 
communities in each language and city by means of more meetups, unconferences, 
outreach, on project activity and events with specific goals like hackathons.


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