Dear All ,

I stopped responding to praveen long back in all social media platforms and
blocked him from my contact lists . I do support pseudo anonymity as
political right , But I dont want to entertain his baseless allegations and

Since this is a response to Election committee mail  , I am responding

On Tue, Oct 14, 2014 at 7:29 PM, praveenp <> wrote:

> Hi Anivar,
> I wish to know about the procedure of the selection of Election
> committee and Returning officer.

Please ask Chapter .Announcement mail is linked at page

> truthful atleast to himselft. Last time I saw you in Malayalam
> Wikipedia to teach us that Wikimedians must 'suffer' ULS in developer
> insisted form because what Wikipedia is technocracy not democracy.

I think praveen is referring my efforts to interface between the FOSS
developer way of decision making and Wikimedia community way. This post
summarizes it

various community issues around technology decision making  such as ULS is
also part of  discussions in India Community Consultation as well .

But personalizing issues and building and spreading personal animosity
around technology opinions is a nonconstructive attitude of this identity
for long . So I am not engaging with him further on this off-topic
conversation .

I hope moderators will take a note on this

~ regards

Anivar Aravind
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