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>> here<http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiWomenCamp/FAQ/Perspectives/Kenya>
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> the statistics are quite alarming.

Are they?  Are we worried about there not being a featured article on
Women's sports in Kenya on English Wikipedia?  How is that a priority?  If
we care about featured articles (and I'm not sure we should, very much),
perhaps we can undertake to improve a more basic topic first, such as
[[Kenya]], which is, as of this writing, not even a "Good Article" on
English Wikipedia?

Likewise, is it at all meaningful that there was no Kenyan woman among the
eight (8!) researchers employed at the foundation this summer?  There was
no Kenyan man, either.  So what is the "perspective" this gives us on women
in the movement?

What is it that you found alarming?

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