there is always a starting point,and i think that we(women and men)in
Kenya are at the starting point.good news is that,we are
progressing.such statistics are there to challenge us not make us

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>>> I came across this and I would like to share. click
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> On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 8:59 AM, Grace Kariuki <> wrote:
>> the statistics are quite alarming.
> Are they?  Are we worried about there not being a featured article on
> Women's sports in Kenya on English Wikipedia?  How is that a priority?  If
> we care about featured articles (and I'm not sure we should, very much),
> perhaps we can undertake to improve a more basic topic first, such as
> [[Kenya]], which is, as of this writing, not even a "Good Article" on
> English Wikipedia?
> Likewise, is it at all meaningful that there was no Kenyan woman among the
> eight (8!) researchers employed at the foundation this summer?  There was
> no Kenyan man, either.  So what is the "perspective" this gives us on women
> in the movement?
> What is it that you found alarming?
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