1.why do you think you suit to be in the board of WMKE?

Because I have and was among the founders of WMKE. I have dedicated
and worked hard to see WMKE to its current form and I still have the
energy and zeal to take even to greater heights.

 2. What is your take on the level of participation of members in
WMKE projects/meetings/mailing list? Anything you think should be done

I think our participation on the mailing list has been mostly vague
and somewhat with empty talk. Having regular physical meetups should
help us resolve issues fast and efficiently and plan for projects too.
Our mailing list should just be used for Communication en Mass

 3. As a board needs members with different skills (e.g.
administrative, financial, public relations etc), please tell us which
particular skill set have you worked in previously, like in another
society or organisation?

Team leadership ,Project management and selflessness skills are what I
have acquired through my involvement with both the Wikimedia Kenya,
The OLPC Movement in Kenya and a few other personal and voluntary

 4. Which languages have you worked in so far? And what is your
position on both a language policy and a language strategy for WMKE?

I have worked in Both Swahili and English and I have no reservations
on language policy for WMKE. Both languages suffice and should remain
our key focus./

 5. How would you best deal with the issue of editor attraction and
retention in our local chapter so as to ensure the growth of WMKE as a

Through Having a number of Wikimedia Outreaches and Wiki Academies to
showcase and teach people and members of the WMKE about editing and
the need to. The need to have our local content from our own
perspective is very vital.

 6. Now that we are an independent chapter, how do you plan to
raise funds supposing the parent Wikimedia Foundation won't avail
funds to run the aforementioned project?

Through Local Partnerships and campaigns on the social media to
sensitize people on WMKE and the need to preserve our Knowledge.
Accepting donations via local means eg Mpesa as low as 100 will allow
us to reach to the large audience and help us raise funds.

 7. What kind of a project/ activity would you envision WMKE and
its members undertake in order to fulfill the objectives of Wikimedia
Foundation as a whole?

Outreach and Wiki Academys would help us Attract and Retain editors
and at the asem time contribute knowledge to Wikimedia
Projects...which are the key Wikimedia Foundation Key Goals and


Limoke Oscar,
"point me to the destiny,and I will curve my own path to it "

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