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If I could point this to the AOA section about membership which states;

(i) The Chapters shall be composed of members who are users of or
contributors to any Wikimedia Foundation project or who otherwise
support the purposes of the Chapter and are based in Kenya or are of
Kenyan nationality, whether residing in Kenya or abroad. Persons not of
Kenyan descent, whether residing in Kenya or abroad, who show manifest
interest in forwarding the goals of the Chapter, shall also be included
in the scope of membership of this Chapter.

(ii) Membership is open to the general public upon payment of the
membership fees. Membership fees shall be determined by the Board,
payable on or before 31 January. Failure to pay membership fees shall
constitute breach of the bylaws and disciplinary action shall be taken
in accordance with article 52.

(iii) Membership is not obligatory for the participation of public
activities or special events of the Chapter.

 (iv) Application for membership shall be made by filling in an
application form that is obtainable from the Chapter Office. In cases
where the application has been denied, the applicant has a right to
appeal. The right to appeal is effective within 30 days from the date of
denial. <p>8. Any member who wishes to retire shall signify his wish in
writing to the Secretary and thereupon his name shall be removed form
the register of members and he shall be deemed to have retired of his
own accord.

By following the guidelines above we can reach to the answer of this
discussion quite swiftly.

In addition, I think we should introduce some application forms to be
expressly filled out by person(s) who want to join the chapter.After
which we can have a record of bona-fide chapter members.

My thoughts,

On 10/18/2012 03:22 PM, Branton Obwari wrote:
> Last meeting we had constructive deliberations on the way forward for
> the Chapter .We agreed among among things that ,we need to do a fresh
> membership drive ,the six million dollar question was, who is an
> eligible Chapter member ?We explored the following scenarios
>  1. Membership based on being a lister on the WMKE ,where most of us are
>  2.Membership based on payment of the membership fee as enshrined in
> our by laws
>  3.We have members of the Foundation who are not expressly members of
> the Chapter
> It was observed and noted that  being a lister on the Chapter mailing
> list does not mean you are a member o the Chapter ,interestingly a
> mailing list is 'a members only ' platform.
>    As we seek to give WMKE a fresh life by doing a fresh recruitment
> by the end of the year , i call upon your views on this matter ,
>                                                         my regards
>                                                       bruce.
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